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  • Thai massage

    Thai massage Time: 60 min One of the most popular types of massage in the world, the technique of which is characterized by a exact effect on human life. from 10000 tg.

  • Royal massage

    Royal massage Time: 100 min Massage in four hands in another way is called a tandem - massage or royal. This massage is able to completely relax a person. 18000 tg.

  • Aroma massage with hot oil

    Aroma massage with hot oil Time: 70 min Aroma massage is practically the same massage, but with the use of essential oils. 8000 tg.

  • Relax massage

    Relax massage Time: 60 min Relaxation massage helps relieve stress, physical and moral fatigue, nervous tension от 10000 tg.

  • Japanese massage

    Japanese massage Time: 40 min Japanese Asahi massage is a unique author's method of influencing on the face 5000 tg.

  • Sports massage

    Sports massage Time: 60 min Sports massage is a good preparation for participating in competitions, and also helps to fight fatigue. 8000 tg.

  • Face massage

    Face massage Time: 30 min Facial massage is one of the most necessary procedures for skin care. Massage helps the skin to breathe, thereby making it even smooth, youthful and supple. 3000 tg.

  • Anticellulite massage

    Anticellulite massage Time: 60 min Anti-cellulite massage - an excellent tool to quickly make an ideal relief of the buttocks, hips and abdomen. 8000 tg.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

    Lymphatic drainage massage Time: 60 min Lymphatic drainage massage is a physical effect on certain lines of the body in the direction of the lymph flow in order to normalize and strengthen the functioning of the body's lymphatic system. 7000 tg.

  • Classical massage

    Classical massage Time: от 60 min When performing a massage, all muscles and tissues are involved in the process from 6000 tg.

  • Russian massage

    Russian massage Time: from 60 min Use massage began in the beginning of centuries. Over time the technique, techniques, methods of massage are improved. Initially, the massage was a simple stroking, rubbing bruises and kneading various parts of the body. Massage was used by many tribes and peoples. 6000 tg.

  • Wellness massage

    Wellness massage Time: from 30 min Massages by zones: head, back, legs, hands from 3000 tg.

  • Can massage

    Can massage Time: 60 min Therapeutic procedure, which is based on rendering active influence on the human body with the help of vacuum, which is created in a special bank intended for massage. 5000 tg.

  • Honey massage

    Honey massage Time: 60 min To improve the elasticity of the skin at the beginning of the honey massage, the masseur makes a light classical massage. For this, classical massage techniques are used to stroke the palm and brush, rubbing. 8000 tg.

SPA procedures

  • Relax program

    Relax program Time: 2,5 hour The program includes hiking, peeling, massage and tea 25000 tg.

  • Soaring

    Soaring Time: 60 min Steaming on the basis of essential oils with oak brooms 10000 tg.

  • Peeling

    Peeling Time: 50 min It is a procedure in which the skin is cleared from the dead cells of the upper, horny layer 6000 tg.

  • Sultan's program

    Sultan's program Time: 4 hour At this time the massage salon works only for you, any service from our menu is included in the price, Sauna is rented for up to 3 people. Bar and kitchen with 10% discount. 50000 tg.

  • Program for Weight Loss

    Program for Weight Loss Time: 1.5 hour The program includes a finnish sauna and anti-cellulite massage 12000 tg.

Other services

  • Сауна

    Sauna Time: 60 min Finnish, Russian 5000 tg.

  • Маникюр

    Manicure 2000 tg.

  • Педикюр

    Pedicure 3500 tg.

  • Маски для лица

    Masks for face Clay and others от 1500 tg.

  • Shugaring

    Shugaring By zone от 500 tg.

  • Kitchen and bar

    Kitchen and bar Dishes from the restaurant from 1000 tg.

About us


Tera 寺 in Japanese translates as temple torii 鳥 居 - ceremonial gates, installed in front of temples. Traditionally, they are painted in red gates without flaps of the two pillars, connected on top two rungs.

Torii is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Salon Tera SPA believes the main priorities - is the quality of service performance, purity and quality service. Therefore, our motto is: "proper massage place" because we are young, energetic and experienced professionals with medical education.

3 years

Work experience of employees in China and South Korea

100 m2

Sauna (Finnish, Russian), 2 massage places, 2 lounges



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**All reviews was written exclusively by our customers

29 october 2016

Побывала у мастера Алены на программе "Релакс", два с половиной часа расслабления. Обстановка на высшем уровне, приятный интерьер и персонал, в общем, только положительные впечатления. Очень понравились массаж и пиллинг. Кожа после этих процедур нежная, как у ребенка. Очень профессионально, аккуратно. Огромное спасибо!


25 october 2016

Jake is profi of his business. After the PCS operation I needed sport massage. I'm pleased with everyone! Now, the leg bends much better. I advise for everyone a wellness massage!


23 october 2016

Thanks to the employees of the spa center, they met us politely and good, I liked everything, everything was clean, professional, at the highest level.


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